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     Purpose: To guard the One Whole Heart Inner Healing process for it to remain true to the revelation the Lord has given us to bring healing to hearts through facilitation of Holy Spirit guided

     inner healing. 

Chuck DeVetter

One Whole Heart Founder, Advisory Counsel  & Inner Healing Minister

Chuck is the pastor of One Whole Heart Ministry (OWHM), and leads the OWHM Team. He has been involved in pioneering this ministry as God has risen up and developed new breakthrough processes throughout the One Whole Heart process. Chuck has been on prayer and ministry teams throughout various conferences in the United States, Brazil and Africa. His ministry focuses on “Loving God’s children one at a time
Heidi Carlson

One Whole Heart Leader, Advisory Counsel  & Inner Healing Minister


Heidi is a wife of one and a mother of three. She and her husband, Matt, have a ministry called New Leaf Ministries. They provide resources and retreats in the areas of marriage, parenting, team building and personal development.  Heidi has been ministering for OWHM and on leadership since 2012. She has spent a lot of time working with children as well as with women who have been sexually abused.  


Heidi truly is a force to be reckoned with. She walks in the gifts of love, prophetic insight and vision, and knows her authority in Christ. The love of God that flows in and through Heidi stirs up the faith and causes one to rise up to their true identity in Christ.

Heidi has a mother’s heart and is a mother in the faith. She carries and releases God’s extraordinary love for the Bride of Christ. Her desire is for the Bride to walk in who she was truly created and destined to be.


Heidi’s heart belongs to the Lord. She has chosen to minister with OWHM because the Lord has led her to do so, and she loves to see people set free from things that are keeping them from the destiny the Lord has for them. 


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Purpose: To work together to make decisions for the OWHM related to administration, people resources and physical resources. This team provides support to the Leadership team in execution of the vision and action plans.

Chuck DeVetter
Heidi Carlson
Rachel Baxter

One Whole Heart Leader, Elder & Inner Healing Minister

Rachel is a wife and mother of four children. She was raised in Northwest Iowa and went to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Industrial Engineering. She spent 12 years working in manufacturing in Iowa, Oregon, Illinois and Nebraska. For the last 8 years, Rachel has supported various companies as a process improvement consultant. In 2014, Rachel with the help of many others, founded Valor Christian Academy, in partnership with OWHM. Rachel is an instrumental leader and visionary within the OWHM. She demonstrates this by living a lifestyle of releasing God’s love through vision wherever she goes. She carries motherhood into this ministry and inspires those she ministers to, to release God’s kingdom on Earth today.

Rachel is a co-founder of tHoli, a Kingdom Company created to bring healing to people through God-breathed essential oils and heavenly footwear.
Krista Brons
One Whole Heart Leader, Elder  & Inner Healing Minister

Krista is married to Ryan Brons, and has 3 kids, Rylie, Adalynn, and Gabriel. Her life was surrendered to Jesus when she was young, but she gave her life to Him when she was 17 years old at an FCA camp. Krista’s husband experienced the Lord in a powerful way on a mission trip in 2006. From that point forward she saw how real the Lord was on this earth and that He wasn’t confined to her Bible. In 2012, the Holy Spirit came and healed her shoulder. She then came into a new place with her heart wanting to run after the Father and learn more who she was as a daughter. 

Krista believes her purpose is to heal the sick and broken hearted with the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her dream is to be able to do OWHM full-time, and to help the younger generations step into a life of righteousness, purity and purpose.

Krista is a co-founder of tHoli, a Kingdom Company created to bring healing to people through God-breathed essential oils and heavenly footwear. 

Action Leadership


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Purpose: To provide ownership, allocate responsibility and authority over the various areas of the ministry to take action producing fruit towards building the Kingdom of God within OWH.

Kim Baker

Action Leadership Team  & Inner Healing Minister


Kim was introduced to this ministry in 2014 and decided to go through sessions.  During this time, she received healing and hope by her heart being awakened to the love of the Father! Kim also has learned a lot more about how God sees her – a daughter who is fearfully and wonderfully made and loved with an everlasting love! Kim believes that this ministry has brought new awareness of the wonderful connection to Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and how she can hear His voice leading her into the destiny and identity she was created for since the beginning of time!

Kim has been married since 1991 to Gary Baker. She has 3 children of whom 2 are married. Earning her BSBA, she worked in the corporate setting from 1988-1995. Along with starting a family and working, Kim got her BS in Education, and switched careers to teach elementary education in public schools from 1998 to 2013. The Lord continued her love of teaching children when she was asked to be a part of Valor Christian Academy. Kim knew that this was the new path the Lord had for her and at the same time she was just beginning to be involved with OWHM by attending Healing Community and walking out the One Whole Heart lifestyle after completing sessions.

Today, Kim is involved in the OWHM prayer team and training.  She loves to walk out the OWHM lifestyle with the many friends she has made over the years. Kim looks forward to unraveling the plans that the Lord has for this ministry.

Suzi Pederson

Action Leadership Team & Inner Healing Minister

Suzi ministers to clients in OWHM
 at our Council Bluffs office and in online sessions, and also participates in the Healing Community at Bayliss Park Hall. In prior years, she was Associate Pastor at Lifeline Assembly of God in Dunlap, Iowa, and led OWHM there. God brought breakthrough healing there as women were touched by the Holy Spirit and led into more of the destiny God has for them. The Healing Community active during the last few years there had touched people in the Harrison County area. Suzi has assisted her husband in previous years as he pastored at Walt Hill, Nebraska and at Calvary Assembly of God in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Suzi has an e-book available on Amazon entitled My Child, I Give You Eagle’s Wings. This is a collection of journal entries of God’s voice, as taught in One Whole Heart sessions on learning to hear God’s voice, which God wants for each of His children. She has ministered in Russia on prayer and ministry teams in the 1990’s, and distributed 7700 copies of Listening to the Father, a free children’s book on hearing God’s voice. 
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